planetarium - hobbyist websites to visit

website description
arlita's internet page full of soul and passion. lots of content to explore and get lost in
blanket fort so warm!! i love the concept of cozy corners
Bojan the Librarian books, music, gardening and more. very welcoming and friendly
ceterum censeo oceanography, art, literature and many dad jokes!
Cloverbell so damn cozy. you can tell the webmaster puts a lot of love into this site not exactly a personal site, but an amazing game. definitely worth checking
cinni's dream home soooo much content and goodies for all your site-making needs, especially if cute web design is right up your alley
Cyuucat really nice blog!
Daniele's Website there's just something about seeing so much kirby in a website with folk bg music that just makes you shed a tear sometimes y'know
dogfish99 so much stuff!! one of those websites you can spend hours in
guxok mainly this-day-in-music sort of posts with gaming and cool resources sprinkled in. in spanish but offers machine translations
ita just ita man. the pinacle of fun and whimsy web design. VERY graphic heavy!!
lazybones some of my fav pages here: lists, bulletin board, love letters
noodledesk art, games and playlists made with so much love!!
Ocean Waves an amazing digital garden!!! man, i really wanna make one of those someday
PLEURODELINAE so much stuff worth exploring curious about the handmade web and how to make your own site? this is the site for you
saint-images photography, music and much more stuff!!!
Aegi's Cafe super cute art and some really interesting "locations" to explore - one of my biggest inspirations for marea's map concept!
Around the Pupil / Alrededor de la Pupila many interesting texts on euskara, buddhism, technology and more
avenue cool personal blog that looks straight out of 2012 tumblr
beeep so many links and collections!!!
bikobatanari art and very interesting writings
Brennholzbude midi music and writings in german and english. i like how some pages have this "real life imitation" concept, like a corkboard or a grafitti wall
cementgarden so many pages and cute design!!!
cepheus amazingly cool design and lots of readings and other links to delve into
CorBin's Portal gaming, sci-fi, music and more
delovely i'm obsessed with how they keep a number of pages that compile all the writing entries each of their friends have been mentioned in
falltumn cooking, music, tamagotchis and more!
freckleskies a little bit of everything
get cubed here you can find shrines for eurovision, geoguessr and fish and i think it's awesome
inaka lovely photography
irony machine a bit of this and that behind some really cool pixel art
joebuck mad creative site
junery june's such a creative person her creations are so fun to explore and experience
kaa tons of files to explore. i like how clean their "sitemap" is, straight to the point
laika's lonely planet i'm pretty sure this isn't being updated anymore but this is one of the first personal websites i fell in love with
Like Home some really awesome links! i'm a complete fan of the seasonal site themes archive
margies place there's this one shrine here that is "dedicated to the love of my life" and it's the sweetest thing ever
monastery of st. blankmanger great worldbuilding to get lost in
nathub super cozy and feel-good
Novov heraldry, art, reviews and more
nyanseong though it hasn't been updated in a while, it's such a charming site
omoulo home to an amazing game
realm of sneek so many thoughts and words yum
Sleepydev really nice blog and art
so teddy bear tender beautiful shrines
Solinus' Website glassy and sleek design
that girl is a monster if i ever had to describe the joy of web surfing this would be it
the digital diarist such a nice blog
The Jhemerlyn Project interesting facts and data related to filipino names
The Satyrs' Forest so much stuff to read and explore!!! plus various pages in dutch
the tower beautiful art
Zawn96 art, a wholesome blog and more!